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Vintage Furniture Acquired from Estate Sales

Fill in the empty space of any room with the selection of vintage furniture items available for purchase at

Old Country Loft. Our diverse inventory is sure to include furniture that'll perfectly match your home's theme.

Almost every piece of vintage furniture you find at the store was acquired through an estate sale that occurred in Guernsey County. As they come from a variety of different homes, you can expect to find a wide variety of furniture styles.

Alternative furnishing options

• Kitchen cupboards

• Church pews

• Pie safes

• Benches


The shop contains lots of unorthodox

and alternative options with which you can furnish your home.

Constantly changing stock

Our vintage furniture inventory keeps changing so you can always expect to find a wide variety of options every time you visit the store.  


Give us a call if you would like to request a special order for a particular piece of furniture.

Visit the shop sometime soon to find the perfect piece of vintage furniture.


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