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Handcrafted Furniture Made in Ohio

Add charm to your home with handcrafted furniture from Old Country Loft. You can pick up some authentic and handcrafted furniture from our full and diverse collection. Stop by today to see what we have in stock.

Most of the handcrafted pieces of furniture on display at the shop are crafted by the natives of Ohio. Talk to one of our friendly and helpful staff members to find out where each piece was made.

Beautiful homemade pieces

• Cupboards

• Shelving

• Benches

• Chairs


Different handcrafted furniture pieces are always coming and going, so you will always find something new.

Four years in the area

If you’re looking for fantastic furniture and décor for your home, visit Old Country Loft. We have been serving the Guernsey County for 4 years.  


We have 25 years of experience in the business and know quality when we see it.

You've found your one-stop shop for unique and handcrafted furniture.


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